We are producer of Flute Laminating Machine and Folder Gluer. Integrated with quality control and service system, Weston also distribute various leading qualified graphic equipment,Including die-cutter, foil stamping machine, film laminating machine, uv varnishing machine, screen printing equipment and related packaging machine ,etc. We are partnership with world leading packaging companies.

Drilling Machine

  • WST-720 Automatic Drilling Machine for Paper Label Tag

    WST-720 Automatic Drilling Machine for Paper Label Tag

    Automatic computer high-speed drilling machine, high degree of automation, can be programmed on the touch screen, after printing, according to the number of holes you need, hole spacing all processing, and then use the die-cutting machine to cut the finished products you need. It is especially suitable for products such as hanging tag, which can replace several drilling machines, greatly improve productivity and reduce labor intensity.