WESTON Laminator and UV Varnishing Machine sold to India’s Leading Picture Publication Company

This leading Indian printing company has made a strategic decision to invest in WESTON thermal laminators with chain knives and UV Varnishing machine to enhance and expand its packaging capabilities. The move comes in response to a surge in demand for online sales and home delivery sparked by the global pandemic. The packaging industry has experienced unprecedented growth during this period, offering companies in this industry a great opportunity to capitalize on this trend.

With a manufacturing base equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and a strong position in the market for over a decade, WESTON Machinery is well-positioned to take advantage of this peak in the packaging industry. Indian service company SUBA@solution provided local printing companies with excellent installation and training services, ensuring the new laminator was seamlessly integrated into their production process. In addition, SUBA@Solutions also provides services exclusively for corrugated flute laminators, further enriching their range of expertise.

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The printing company had a very positive experience with the SUBA@ solution and was very satisfied with the quality of service received. They are particularly pleased with the successful installation and training, which enabled their team to quickly adapt and utilize the thermal laminator to its full potential. This positive experience has sparked excitement and anticipation within the company as they eagerly look forward to forming more partnerships with other users to benefit from the quality of their machines and excellent after-sales service.

If you are interested in corrugator laminators, folder gluers or any other related finishing machinery, WESTON invites you to contact them. They are committed to providing first-class products of the highest quality standards, as well as attentive after-sales support. Their dedication to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement is at the core of their operations. By choosing to work with WESTON, you can expect a reliable and innovative partner to help you optimize your packaging process and achieve your business goals.

As the demand for online sales and home delivery continues to grow, printing companies must be equipped with advanced machinery to streamline operations and deliver exceptional results. WESTON, with its range of cutting-edge laminators, is ready to meet these needs, enabling businesses to remain competitive in a rapidly evolving marketplace. Whether you’re an established printing company or an industry newcomer, partnering with WESTON can contribute to your growth and success.

Post time: Apr-10-2023