Automatic High Speed V Bottom Food Paper Bag Making Machine

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Automatic high-speed paper bag machine by the drum original color paper or printed drum paper such as kraft paper, striped kraft paper, oily paper, food shower film paper, medical paper and other paper roll material bag making process by thorn hole

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1.The above quotes exclude tax, no freight, The above quotes exclude tax, no freight,2. The product is guaranteed for 12 months according to national regulations. Products according to the national regulations warranty for 12 months, Products according to the national regulations Warranty for 12 months, the main electrical appliances warranty for 12 months
3. Terms of payment: 50% deposit, 50% payment before delivery. Payment method: 50% deposit, and 50% payment is arranged before delivery.
4. Delivery time: 40 working days after confirmation. Delivery time: 40 working days after confirmation
5. The quotation is valid for 10 days. The quotation is valid for 10 days




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Performance and use

Automatic high-speed paper bag machine by the drum original color paper or printed drum paper such as kraft paper, striped kraft paper, oily paper, food shower film paper, medical paper and other paper roll material bag making process by thorn hole, glue, above, edge formation, interruption, bottom, paste bottom, finished bag output completed.This machine operation is more convenient, more efficient and more stable, is the ideal equipment for the production of various different paper bags, leisure food bags, bread bags, dried fruit bags and other environmentally friendly paper bags.

main feature

1. Easy touch screen human-machine interface, the operation function is clear at a glance, easy to control
2. The original Japanese Mitsubishi sports controller is adopted to ensure the stable high-speed operation through the integration with the optical fiber
3. Japan Mitsubishi servo motor with German Schke color standard eye correction to accurately track the print bag size
4. Hydrhydraulic lifting structure and automatic constant tension control.
5. Brushless servo motor is used for raw material correction to reduce the alignment adjustment time of paper roll.

technical parameters

Model WST-JD260 WST-JD350
Cutting Length 120-400mm 180-630mm
Bag length (L) 100-380mm 100-380mm
Bag width(W) 80-250mm 100-340mm
Insert size(G) 20-30mm 20-90mm
Ladder height 15mm 15-20mm
Paper bag speed 100-600pcs/min 30-400pcs/min
Paper width 160-780mm 220-1000mm
Maximum diameter of paper material 1000mm 1000mm
Inner diameter of paper 76mm 76mm
Paper thickness 45-80g/㎡ 45-80g/㎡
Working gas ≧0.12m³/min,0.5-0.8mpa ≧0.12m³/min,0.5-0.8mpa
Power 380v 3phase 4line 12kw 380v 3phase 4line 12kw
Total weight 3500kg 4500kg
outline 6000*1600*1800mm 9100*1900*1950mm

machine configuration

Control System
Name QTY Original Brand
CPU Program Controller 1 Japan Mitsubishi
Human-computer touch screen interface 1 China Flexem
Photoelectric eye for printed-bag tracking 2 Germany SICK
Japan Panasonic
Low voltage electrical apparatus 4 France Schneider
Photoelectric sensor 5 Japan Panasonic
Pneumatic component 6 Sino-foreign joint venture Noulid
Servo Motor 3 Japan Mitsubishi
Host server 1 Japan Mitsubishi
Traction servo 1 Japan Mitsubishi
1 Japan Mitsubishi
1 China Resay
Deviation correction and tension control system
Name QTY Original Brand
EPC controller 1 China Enris
Servo motor for EPC 1 China Enris
Ultrasonic sensor 1 China Enris
Magnetic powder brake 1 China
Automatic Tension System of Magnetic Powder 1 China
Feeding hydraulic cylinder 2 China
Name Qty Original MTED
Synchronous belt 2 China
Synchronous wheel 4 China
Bearing 213 Japan NSK
Guide roller 9 China
Gear 23 China
Glue position
Name Qty Original MTED
Bottom glue (bottom-sealing white latex) 2 China
Motor for bottom glue evening 1 China
Pneumatic auto glue filling valve 1 China
Side glue 1 China
Glue Glue Position Detection 1 Japan Panasonic
2 China
High-pressure glue barrel for white latex 1 China


Our service

You can expect satisfactory customer service with long tradition. We are highly devoted to the most optimal solid and liquid separation solutions to meet your specific needs. We have the effective service system to ensure professional and flexible management of any affairs.
1.Pre-sales technical consultation
2.Model selection
3.Machine guidance
4.Operation & maintenance training
5.Maintenance service
6.Quick supply of spare parts
7.Customer satisfaction track

After-sale Service

We promises that all machines made by us come with services of repair and replacement.
Machine warranty is 12 months. We provide free repair services to any failures caused by us within warranty time. However wearing parts are not included.
1.Any quality failure problems happens within guarantee period, we will reply within 4 hours after receiving your request.
2.We will provide lifelong maintenance service to all parts and regular maintenance to flatbed die cutters.
3.We will handle any quality failure occurred within warranty time.
4.We will provide lifelong technical support started from using of the machine.
5.We will supply normal parts within warranty period to ensure better user experience. Parts supply will be charged after warranty period.

Any further questions please contact with us.

Best regards,
Jenny Yang

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