Weston WSTQF-1080 Automatic Paper Box Cup Tags Label Waste Stripping Machine

Short Description:

Model: WSTQF-1080
The product is a preferable choice for stripping process after die cutting, such as tags, labels, paper cups, medicine packages, wine packages, cosmetic packages and so on. It saves labor, improve the product quality, and increase the production efficiency.

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1080 (1)


Payment L/C, T/T
Port Ningbo
Remarks: 1. 30% for deposit,70% before delivery.  2. The quotation is valid for 2 months.

1080 (2)
Centralized lubrication system

1080 (3)
Paper gauge with hidden motor and ball screw

1080 (4)
Adjustable hydraulic system

1080 (5)
Safety fence

Performance and use

1.Compraring to traditional stripping machine which uses gantry frame as the base for installing the stripping mould, our new design adopts one-side independent standing base for installing the stripping mould; this design is space saving, and convinient for operating.
2.Hidden type servo motor and ball screw ensures a precise pile positioning.
3.Adjustable hydraulic system provides adjustable pressure for processing of different materials of different sizes and weights.
4.Stripping needles (rods) are quick and easy to chang to fit differnent products fromats and patterns.
5.Automatci lubricating system carries out regular lubrication, which greatlty extend the service life of the machine.
6.The operation panel adopts visual button to avoid safety accident caused by wrong operation. Its also easy and quick to program at the touch screen.
7.Safety fence at operation side protects the safety of personnel when the machine is running.

technical parameters

Electric configuration
Item Model Brand Brand origin
DC power supply NES-100-24 Schneider French
Relay RXM2AB2BD(DC240V) Schneider French
AC contactor LC1-0910 Schneider French
Thermal overload relay 3UA59(6.3-10A) Schneider French
Button XB2BA11C Schneider French
4-position switch XD2PA24CR Schneider French
Knob XB2BD2C Schneider French
proximity switch XS212BLNBL2C Schneider French
Servo motor F-H08AF2 Evta China
Thermal overload relay 3UA5240-1K Siemens Germany
Leakage protection airswitch of general power supply BKN-D16-3 GL South Korea
Leakage protection airswitch of independent power supply BKN-D6-1 GL South Korea
Touch screen 10.4'' Weinview Taiwan
Micro-computerized controller AFPXHC40-F Panasonic Japan
Machine technical parametrs
Model WSTQF-1080
Max sheet size (X) mm 1080
Max sheet size (Z) mm 780
Min sheet size (X) mm 650
Min sheet size (Z) mm 450
Max pile height   mm 100
Min pile height   mm 40
Work table height mm 850
Max product size to be punched out 450*450
Min. product size to be punched out 30*30
Stripping speed  times/min 15-22
Max. force (bar) 70
Manipulator arm technical parameters
Model WSTQF-1400 (for 1080R)
Trip 1400 mm
Clamping range 30-180 mm
Clamping weight 50 -1500 g
Empty running speed 5-50 m/minute
Air source 4-7 bar
Air consumption 1 L/min
Power supply voltage 220V, 50HZ
Power consumption 0.4KW
Net weight 200 kg
Rotating mould technical parameters
Model WSTQF-1080T
Trip 0-180 degrees
Rotating speed 10-80 degree/second
Air consumption 1 L/min
Air source 4-7 bar
Power supply voltage 220V, 50HZ
Power consumption 0.75KW
Machine installation data
Model WSTQF-1080
Machine width mm 2840
Machine depth mm 2050
Machine height   mm 1930
Net weight kg 2000
Air source Bar 4-7
Air consumption L/min 2
Power supply voltage 360V-420V,50/60HZ
Power consumption A 2
Insurance current A 10
Input power 3hPE

Three view dimension drawing of WSTQF-1080

1080 (7)

1080 (8)

1080 (6)

Machine installation data
Model WSTQF-1080R
Machine width mm 3470
Machine depth mm 2610
Machine height   mm 1930
Net weight kg 2200
Air source Bar 4-7
Air consumption L/min 3
Power supply voltage 360V-420V,50/60HZ
Power consumption A 2.4
Insurance current A 10
Input power 3hPE

Three view dimension drawing of WSTQF-1080R (Including manipulator arm)

1080 (10)

1080 (11)

1080 (9)

Tool cabinet
Name: Quantity:
Tape measure 1
Push head 1
Slotted screwdriver 1
Cross screwdriver 1
Screws and nuts Many
Sponges Many
Adjustable wrench 1
Thimble mould A set
Pressure plate 14
Inner hexagon spanner A set
Open end wrench 1

Our service

You can expect satisfactory customer service with long tradition. We are highly devoted to the most optimal solid and liquid separation solutions to meet your specific needs. We have the effective service system to ensure professional and flexible management of any affairs.
1.Pre-sales technical consultation
2.Model selection
3.Machine guidance
4.Operation & maintenance training
5.Maintenance service
6.Quick supply of spare parts
7.Customer satisfaction track

After-sale Service

We promises that all machines made by us come with services of repair and replacement.
Machine warranty is 12 months. We provide free repair services to any failures caused by us within warranty time. However wearing parts are not included.
1.Any quality failure problems happens within guarantee period, we will reply within 4 hours after receiving your request.
2.We will provide lifelong maintenance service to all parts and regular maintenance to flatbed die cutters.
3.We will handle any quality failure occurred within warranty time.
4.We will provide lifelong technical support started from using of the machine.
5.We will supply normal parts within warranty period to ensure better user experience. Parts supply will be charged after warranty period.

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