WST-BK800/1150 Fully automatic Paper cardboard laminating

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BK-800 automatic cardboard laminating machine is suitable for laminating the quarto coated and octavo coated paper.

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Machine introduction

BK-800 automatic cardboard laminating machine is suitable for laminating the quarto coated and octavo coated paper. Can make for wine boxes, food packaging, toy packaging,etc. Two feeding device vacuum paper feeders feed the bottom paper and surface paper in the repeated paper attracting mode, adopting overlapping continuous accurate paper feeding and four positioning pulling gauges on both side, so that the paper can keep high speed and adhesive high coincidence. Skilled users a person can control, use and maintenance is very convenient.
The shape of the machine is elegant with smart design and easy operation. It has low capacity,small gluing amount,low product humidity,stable machine quality.Big range of application of paper thickness and high cost performancemake the ideal cardboard laminating machine. The wall board of the machine is 
made of resin sand,the main drive is made of oblique teeth, which grind and quenched by hob to make the transmission more stable and quiet.The electrical part is adopt Delta and Schneider combination,and paper feeder is driven independently by servo.Machine has beautiful appearance, structure,convenient operation, stable product quality, Low humidity and high degree of automation.It is an ideal alternative to traditional manual mode.

Main technical parameters

Model WST-BK800 WST-BK1150
Machine speed 10-70pcs/min 10-70pcs/min
Max. pasting size(mm) 781 X 560 mm 1050 X 720 mm
Min. pasting size(mm) 260 X 260 mm: 350 X 380 mm:
gram weight before laminating 157-800g/㎡ 157-800g/㎡
Thickness after laminating 0.30-2.00mm 0.30-2.00mm
Total Power 13Kw 22Kw
Weight 5200kg 11500kg
Overall Dimensions(L*W*H) 7200X1500X2200mm 8800X1900X2210mm

Calculation of the amount of glue

50kg glue can product 7500㎡
As glue price 3000 rmb/ton to calculate (50kg/13000=0.0115rmb,if product 30000 pieces paper need glue cost about 30000×0.115=345rmb.
Other kind of sheet Cardboard Laminating Machine use 50kg glue only can product 2400㎡,so if product 3000 pieces paper they need 30000 ×0.0375=1125rmb
Gram weight and thickness conversion:
Ash board:
Gram weight /1000×1.55=thickness
1000/1000×1.55=1.55mm (1000g’s thickness)
1200/1000×1.55=1.8mm (1200g’s thickness)
1300/1000×1.55=2mm(1300g’s thickness)
White board:
Gram weight/1000×1.1=thickness
1000/1000×1.1=1.1mm(1000g’s thickness)

Remarks:Configuration list for reference only,Can be selected according to customer requirements

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