SGUV-1000 1200 A Automatic Whole UV High Gloss Varnishing Machine Water base Coating Machine for Adhesive Label

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SGUV-1000A UV automatic coating machine has experienced technical upgrades based on the original three-roller coating machine .

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·SGUV-1000A UV automatic coating machine has experienced technical upgrades based on the original three-roller coating machine .With frequency conversion control adopted for metering roll, oiling volumes for papers of different thickness can be controlled through different linear veldt ,straightforward and easy to operate ,and it achieves fudermental changes in the surface fineness and smoothness of coating products without orange peel veins, thus optimizon polishing products.

1200 (1)

* Pre-pile paper mechanism to realize non-stop paper feeding and receiving
* High degree of intelligence, one-button start and acceleration, more convenient and efficient than traditional segmented control
*The shaft head is 55mm large, which is more stable and firmer than the traditional 35mm at high speed!
*Synchronous belt transmission, the equipment is more stable, no jitter, in high-end products, the surface texture effect is better.
*The oil guard has high precision, and it is more difficult for water to enter the bearing than the traditional one.
*The air knife is easy to operate and convenient! High-precision correction, tight on both side.

Technical parameters

Model SGUV1000A
Max.Sheet Size 1000*1400mm
Min. Sheet Size 270*270mm
Sheet Weight 80~450g/m2
Speed 0~80m/min
Power 45Kw
UV Lamp 3pcsx8Kw
IR Lamp 18pcsx15Kw
Paper feed heigh 1100
Paper stack height 1050
Weight 6000kg
Dimension 11000x1800x20000mm


The whole machine has a one-key acceleration function. After the main machine accelerates, the oven, paper delivery, feeder, and metering roller will all change according to the speed of the main machine.
The metering roller controls the oil thickness, which can be set on the touch screen.

Auto Feeder

1200 (3)

1200 (4)

1: Adopt high-speed offset press Feida (12000 sheets/hour) to ensure fast and stable operation
2: Paper photoelectric control, automatic lifting
3: Double protection of feeder lifting safety
4: Using the latest stacking design, the entire tray can be pushed in, and the tray can be pushed in directly after printing, without manual paper sorting. Pre-stacked paper can also be used. two-way choice. Greatly save paper time and reduce the labor intensity of operators.

UV System

1200 (5)

1200 (6)

1200 (7)

1Using cast iron body, strong rigidity and long life
2: Three-roll reverse glazing
A: The thickness of the oil can be controlled by adjusting the metering roller speed to save oil
B: A separate frequency converter controls the reversal of the metering roller, which has more frequency converters, motors, reducers and other configurations than the traditional roll coating.
C: Iron roller 130MM, chrome-plated mirror surface treatment, rubber roller 165MM. 60 degree polyurethane rubber roller. The larger the roller, the thicker the rubber to ensure fine glazing. No orange peel.
3: Equipped with air knife, thick and thin paper can be more than 80G paper, the size of the wind and the time of blowing are controlled by PLC
4: Automatic stop function for roll paper
5: Automatic counting function
6: The rollers are adjusted synchronously, and the synchronous belt drive, stable coating effect is good!
7: Equipped with two oil tanks, UV and IR, and equipped with temperature heating control to ensure that the UV oil is coated between 40-60 degrees
8: The gap between the coating roller and the pressure roller of each machine head is adjustable from 0-50mm.
9: The main roller adopts 55-diameter shaft heads and heavy-duty bearings, which greatly extend the life of the bearings
10: The diaphragm pump is used for oil supply, no motor is needed, and the operation is safer.
11: Double scrapers and unique bottom roller automatic cleaning system, double oil pan device, the lower roller is immersed in the small oil pan when working, which can effectively clean the lower roller and prevent the oil from drying during shutdown

IR Drying and UV Curing

1200 (8)

1200 (10)

1200 (9)

1200 (11)

1200 (12)

1200 (13)

1The better the leveling of the oven, the stronger the drying and curing degree
2: There are two systems of UV and IR, and they are controlled separately, and cannot be used at the same time
3: 27 IR tubes and 3 UV tubes, the UV tubes are controlled separately according to the choice, the general life of the IR tubes is 2 years, the life of the UV tubes is 800~1000H, and the transformer is more than one year
4: UV part adopts 8-12KW adjustable electronic light source. Compared with traditional voltage generator light source, the safety performance is greatly improved, and the operating speed of the device can be changed. The light source automatically adjusts the brightness, which can be changed from 30% to 100%. The average energy consumption is saved by more than 30%.
5: Emergency stop or overheating protection device, when the emergency stop or the temperature inside exceeds 150 degrees, the protective cover will automatically rise to dissipate heat to prevent fire
6: Equipped with a ventilation system, under the UV curing box, there is a strong suction device composed of an exhaust fan and a wind box, which can extract ozone, dissipate heat and make the paper not easy to curl in the furnace but can pass smoothly and smoothly
7: Equipped with automatic correction system, (double edge correction, double over-limit protection) paper conveying adopts imported Teflon conveyor belt, which can prevent ultraviolet rays, is durable, does not support paper, and is conveyed by electric eye detection Teflon With, automatic home position correction device
8: The whole process of suction to ensure that the glazing products will not float, and there will be no piles of paper. The oven is equipped with iron wire protection: the paper floats on the paper and causes a fire.

Cooling System

1200 (14)

After the paper dries out, it is quickly air-cooled to make the paper dry faster without anti-sticking


1200 (15)

1: Paper photoelectric control, automatic lifting
2: Double protection of feeder lifting safety
3: Equipped with pneumatic paper-beating function, the number and time of paper-beating can be set to ensure neatness
4: The function of automatic lowering of messy paper

Other Terms

(1)Time of Delivery:30-45 days after receiving your advance payment
(2)Loading Port & Destination:From NINGBO,CHINA To your port
(3)Terms of Payment:30% T/T deposite,70% balance T/T payment before the shipment
(4)Quotation Valid time:30 days
(5)Warranty:One year free warranty.

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