YFMA-590/800A Automatic Thermal Laminating Machine with embossing feature for photo book

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1. The whole machine adopts high-precision synchronous belt and some imported chains for transmission;
2. 320mm composite heating roller, matching electromagnetic variable power heating system;
3. 300mm imported silicone pressure roller, with good temperature and pressure resistance and non-stick performance;

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Model YFMA-800A YFMA-590A
Max Paper Size 760x1020mm 590*780mm
Min Paper Size 240x270mm 240x200mm
Paper Thickness 100-500g/m2 100-500g/m2
Laminating Speed 60-80m/min 0-80m/min
With Embossing Speed 10-30m/min 10-30m/min
Temperature: 80-110C 80-110C
Gross Power 25kw 18kw
Total Weight 3800kg 3600kg
Overall Dimensions 5600x1650x1650mm 5000x1350x1650mm


(1) The whole machine adopts high-precision synchronous belt and some imported chains for transmission;
(2) 320mm composite heating roller, matching electromagnetic variable power heating system;
(3) 300mm imported silicone pressure roller, with good temperature and pressure resistance and non-stick performance;
(4) Electromagnetic heating
(5) film straigt roller
(6) External temperature measurement temperature meteroutside
(7) automatic hydraulic automaticpressure
(8) Paper lacking and breaking system
(9) Anti-smudge magnet safety device to protect the iron roller.
Separation system
(1) back punching back perforatingsystem
(2)Anti-curve device to flatten the paper anti-curvesystem
(3)Pneumatic perforating cutting system
(4)Slotting the slitting roller, slot for the separating roller
(5)Adopt the centralized control system of the whole machine to achieve precise pneumatic breaking
(6)Magnetic powder clutch control
Automatic paper stacker
(1)Thin paper corrugated paper delivery system, vacuum suction paper stabilizer device to keep the paper stable;
(2) The delivery table can be raised and lowered manually;
(3) The upper and lower limit protection devices of the delivery table;
(4) The automatic lowering device of the delivery table, and the delivery limit paper stop and alarm system;
(5) Automatic paper accumulation count;
(6) Using high-speed pneumatic photoelectric single-sheet paper-taking system, the paper is accurate and neat;
YFMA series automatic laminating machine is a compound device, it is mainly equipped with transportation system, laminating system and cutting system. The electrical device is controlled by PLC, heating roller use the electromagnetic heating roller to ensure the accuracy of laminating temperature. The whole machine has compact structure, automatic and humanity operation. It is the good choice for the large and medium scale enterprise.

Automatic paper feeder adopts oil-free vacuum pump to feed paper automatically.
Automatic paper feeding system is equipped with no paper protector and paper break protector, which are controlled by photoelectric and mechanical systems. When no paper or paper break occurs, the machine will stop automatically for self-protection.

Conveying table is furnished with air aspirator and front lay etc. to guarantee paper conveying and overlap stable and regular. Front lay can guarantee the accuracy of paper overlapping.+_2MM.

590800A (1)

590800A (2)

590800A (3)

High precision of chrome plated heating roller is equipped with electromagnetic heating system, which has excellent performance to temperature control. The laminating temperature is adjustable upon applications.
Pneumatic pressuring system provides automatically steady pressure to guarantee good quality . The pressure is adjustable upon applications.Air expansion shaft releases film, and precision film release, and also makes the loading and unloading of film roll more convenient. The combination of air expansion shaft and braking device can adjust film release tension and speed.

590800A (3)

590800A (3)

Film cutter cuts film width to make it meet paper size. The cut film is left on the film release spindle. Film perforating wheel perforates film edge for the automatic cut of laminated paper.

Anti-curvature device: When going through the anti-curvature device, the laminated paper shall be leveled at once and won't curve again after cut. Pneumatic cutting system realizes automatic paper cut.

590800A (3)

590800A (3)

Man-machine interface system + color touch screen simplifies the machine operation. As long as the operator inputs paper size, overlap length and working speed etc,. the machine can realize completely automated operation. The working status of the machine can be checked at any time on touch screen.

Auto paper collector equipped with pat device stacks and tidies up cut paper. Patting frequency of pat device is adjustable.

590800A (3)

590800A (3)

Embossing & Machine at Customer workshop

590800A (10)
590800A (11)
590800A (12)

Packaging Photo

590800A (14)
590800A (13)
590800A (15)
590800A (17)
590800A (16)
590800A (18)


3 Packing , size: 1.L*W*H :3310*1610*1920mm 2.L*W*H :2100*1550*1700mm L*W*H :1500*450*1100mm
20 FT CONTAINER REQUEIED, Remain space can load two ton of film or other goods.

Other Terms

(1)Time of Delivery:30-40 days after receiving your advance payment
(2)Loading Port & Destination:From NINGBO,CHINA To your port
(3)Terms of Payment:30% T/T deposite,70% balance T/T payment before the shipment
(4)Quotation Valid time:30 days
(5)Warranty:One year free warranty start from waybill date.

Other Terms

1 PLC 40MT 1 Inovance
2 touch screen 6070T 1 Weinview
3 Servo drive IS5-9S2R8/400W 1 Inovance
4 frequency changer 2.2KW 1 PNEUMATIC
  frequency changer 4KW 1 HYDRAULIC PREASURE
5 miniature circuit breaker DZ60-47/C32A 1 SCHNEIDER
6 miniature circuit breaker DZ60-47/C10 2 SCHNEIDER
7 alternating current contactor 1210/220V 6 SCHNEIDER
8 alternating current contactor 3210/220V 1 SCHNEIDER
9 intermediate relay MY2N-J 9 OMRON
10 Solid state contactor J25S25 2 CHINA
11 Voltage heating module 3PH60DA-H 1 WUXI
12 limit switch YBLX-ME/8108 2 SCHNEIDER
13 Pressure limit switch ME-8111 1 SCHNEIDER
14 Reflection type photoelectric switch HE18-R2N/24V 1 OMRON
15 Square photoelectric switch type E3Z 1 OMRON
16 photoelectric switch DS30 1 OMRON
17 proximity switch BB-U202N/24V 1 OMRON
18 pilot lamp XB2 1 SCHNEIDER
19 Transfer switch ZB2-BDZC 4 SCHNEIDER
20 stop switch BS54C 3 SCHNEIDER
21 button switch ZB2(Green, White, Red) 2(Green)+1(white)+1(red) SCHNEIDER
22 encoder E6BZ-CW26C/1000R/24V 1 OMRON
23 Power Module S-35-24 1 TAIWANG
24 temperature-sensing wire 1-model 1 OMRON
25 thermograph MXTG-6501 1 OMRON
26 Switch contact Normal open:ZBS-BZ101 10 OMRON

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